vls collabAt VLS Technologies, we know what it's like to have people rely on you.

* Your administrators and managers rely on you to provide decision-making information to facilitate strategic management.

* Your department and division heads rely on you to provide more detailed information to support the tactical management of their resources and missions.

* Your customers rely on you to provide necessary services and information needed to manage daily operations.

* Your staff relies on you to provide the tools and guidance necessary to meet the needs of all of those they serve.

We understand what it's like to have people rely on you. That's why you can rely on us. You want solutions created, implemented and supported with personal attention.  You want a combination of sophisticated and understandable:  that combination of technology expertise and intimate knowledge of your business.  VLS Technologies has the abilities to get you where you need to be now and insight that readies you for the future.


mod softdev

Do you need custom applications to improve the functionality of your enterprise technology initiatives? Are you getting a suitable return on your business software investment? Are your customers and suppliers complaining they can't do business with you via the Internet?

VLS Technologies can design and implement the solutions.


mod products

busiPulse is redefining the management interface experience with stunning graphics, an expanded chart library, interface enhancements and new development features.

Build interfaces like never before, and captivate your users with an innovative solution, providing insight into your data through the use of dynamic presentation options.

Web Development

mod webdev

Most people would agree the Web is the most popular place to communicate, learn, buy, watch and listen.  A company without a web presence is on the edge of risking everything.

Let us create a web presence designed to look good, and sit squarely at the intersection of what your customers are trying to accomplish and what you want them to do.


mod services

VLS Technologies provides skills to aid our customers in software and database design, or by providing training in development tools and languages.

Whether you're looking to buy or build new applications, or enhance existing systems, we combine industry and technical experience to guide you to the best decision for your needs.